Coffee and Cake

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Swanning Along

Swanning along on a windy day.

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Snowdrops and Spring Time

Wander down to the centre of our village, through wrought-iron church- gates, and you’ll find the first signs of spring.

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I’ve been pondering on this for a while…..

There was a beautiful, gentle autumn light on the evening I took this photograph. It was so peaceful and made me think how special it is to share our corner of Cumbria with guests who travel our way and pause for a while.

I’d been pondering on how we need to be kinder to ourselves…..

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Patterns in Nature: Jenny Brown’s Point.

Patterns in nature were¬† in abundance as we wandered down through the woods, following the rustic signposts¬† for Jenny Brown’s Point.

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Autumn on our Patch

Wandering through the village and down to the allotment to gather a bunch of harvest-time goodies, signs of autumn are all around.

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