A Royal Delivery

‘The Prince and The Pillow’  is the latest tale we have to tell from Tythebarn House.

The question being asked by guests is  “How come we get to lay our  heads on The Prince’s Pillow?.”

To begin at the beginning – where all good stories  begin.

Christina Barrett from Out of The Pen  hand-makes Herdwick wool pillows in the beautiful hamlet of Old Town, overlooking Barbon Fell on the edge of the Lake District.  Recently she received royal encouragement, via letter, for her rural enterprise venture.

What could be better than a royal nod for her pillows?  Surely the prince would love to try one out himself?

Having slept on it, the thought that is- not the pillow,  Christina carefully packed and addressed her parcel to Clarence House. ‘The Prince’s Pillow’ was on it’s way, as a gift, to HRH The Prince of Wales.

The pillow duly arrived in royal quarters but it’s destiny was not a royal bedchamber and a princely head!  Sadly the prince is unable to accept gifts from those he does not know personally and Christina received a letter of thanks tucked neatly in to the return parcel.

What now for ‘The Prince’s Pillow’?

Thanks to Christina’s generosity Tythebarn House B&B can announce a new addition to their little extra touches. Guests are snuggling down for a good night’s sleep on a hand-made pillow that has been on ‘royal tour’ to Clarence House and back!

“Sweet dreams. You will not be counting sheep for long”  ….. yan, tan tethera


To book in at Tythebarn House B&B and try the pillow for yourself .

To discover the benefits of wool bedding and to place an order.


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