‘My Little Red Bike’ around Arnside and Silverdale.

“You’re very quiet today!”  said Vic.  He knows me well and guessed exactly what was going on inside my head.  Quiet on the outside, but busy on the inside.  “Paint a picture and draw the reader in .” I was saying to myself.  I had set myself a personal challenge, urged on by Zoe (The Quirky Traveller) my blogging mentor ,  to enter the ‘Near and Far’ travel blogging competition and something was brewing.  I was remembering a photo taken a couple of years before.

My beloved red bike was back home from life in London, along with Lucy our daughter.  We were off on a cycle ride down through the Market town of Milnthorpe,  alongside the Morcambe Bay estuary, in to Arnside and on to Silverdale.  Arriving in Sandside along the  way, Lucy propped the bike up against the lamp-post for a picture!  Yes, ‘My Little Red Bike’ has featured in many photo shoots over the years.  He (if bikes have a gender) started life in Kendal in the days BC (before children) when cycling was our escape from restaurant life.  From Brucies Bike Shop in Kendal, to Cheshire, East Lancashire, London and back to Cumbria, he has proved a sturdy, reliable steed for Sarah, Lucy and for me. There’s been one or two refurbs over the years, but ‘red’ and ‘well-loved’ he has always been.

This photo was stirring the creative in me as I recalled the places we passed that day and have visited since. The place names themselves pointing the way for my imagination to wander.

So a blog was born as I painted a picture and was drawn in to my story…..
“Lady’s Slipper, Fairy Steps and Silver Dale are words that conjure up a land of day dreaming and story telling. Finding your way around this patchwork of wonder and wildlife……..”

There’s more…..  To read and to vote.

Arnside and Silverdale AONB is a hidden gem, away from the more popular and often crowded areas of the Lake District.  Guests at Tythebarn House  often head that way, returning in the evening refreshed and renewed.  For us too it’s a welcome respite from busy days.  As we watch the  red evening glow begin to form from our kitchen window we reach for cameras and take the road to our very own land of the setting sun.

500sanside 01-002

To Book in at Tythebarn House B&B

More walks in the area with Reasons to go North.

Photos by Vic Brown


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