Tales from the Canal Bank: May

They made a perfect pair in April with their synchronized swimming  pursuits……

She must have fallen hook line and sinker for that stunning pair of legs because before you could ‘quack’ they have a whole new team to train.  Mind you, it could be tricky with an uneven number.

Keeping her babies safe  is a full time job.  Before long they’ll adolescent and off on the rampage.  Just look at these boys on the look out for the girls!

Meanwhile back at the water’s edge, there’s something very tasty to nibble.

 “Careful, Mr swan just spotted our reflection. That nest looks great for a ‘jumping in and out’ game,  but best not get too close, those big white wings are on the ruffle!”

All this watching and waiting – it can’t be long now – surely!  What is she whispering in his ear I wonder?

The Lancaster Canal runs alongside the village of Holme in Cumbria.  Without boats it has a character defined by it’s inhabitants rather than man-made pursuits.  Take a canoe on there at your peril – swans have very big wings when stretched out to the full. I know I’ve been at the helm!


However all is fine along the tow path and our guests from Tythebarn House B&B can enjoy an evening stroll that way en route to  The Smithy Inn for a hearty meal and a pint of Wainwright.

More Tales from the Canal Bank: April

To book in at Tythebarn House B&B.

Photos by Vic and Diana Brown


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