Once Upon a Time…..

…… we used to write letters.  Now we Blog,  Tweet, Post and Pin!

Thanks to all who pass this way for a catch up.  We hope you enjoy our photos and snippets of news from Tythebarn House.  Keep in touch for an abundance of recipes from Diana’s  little Cumbrian kitchen – she is sure to tempt your taste buds.  As those who have visited  us know,  Diana loves to cook and Vic enjoys the results, although he has been on a diet lately!  As for the photos – the big pictures are generally ‘his’ and the details are ‘hers’.   There’s also a little healthy competition going on to see who can take the best swan pic!Captured by Vic on our local stretch of the Lancaster canal.

We’ve been learning to Blog, Tweet and Pin this month,  making it rather like musical chairs at the office desk.  Facebook has been a little neglected, but we’re learning to co-ordinate it all at last.

We’re looking forward to some fresh Cumbrian air and getting back to digging on the allotment very soon.  Popping down to ‘Lotty’ to pick all those delicious strawberries and raspberries for guest treats  is so relaxing once the season gets busy.

We mustn’t forget to mention the decorating and updates that went on in January and February. A colourful and quirky, stained glass panel in the breakfast room and lots of little extra touches in ‘The Old Shippon’ guest accommodation.Little extra touches... It all adds up to making your stay with us something special.  ‘Tasting Cumbria’ is our theme – introducing guests to the warm hospitality of the people, great food and fabulous area we live in.

We would love to welcome you at Tythebarn House very soon.

Vic and Diana.


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